Jonathan Lane
16 Green Pine Lane
Webster, NY 14580
jonathan (at) jonathanlane.org


Senior Software Engineer
Thomson Reuters
November 2013 - Present

Responsible for leading development and maintenance of "People Data Warehouse" (PDW) pathway component. Coordinate off-hours support coverage to ensure 24/7 uptime of public records investigation tool - CLEAR - and guarantee that content is loaded within constraints of SLA. Lead standup, grooming, and retrospective meetings in scrum-like team. Ongoing development across entire pathway.

  • Prioritized development, provided estimates, lead reviews and coordinated releases of multi-billion-row Oracle database, PDW.
  • Overhauled PDW release and patch process in preparation for transition to a managed-database model (Flyway).
  • Designed and developed custom alerting solution within publishing data mart for use by internal "special services" group. PL/SQL with Java DAO in Spring JDBC.
  • Designed and developed database partition-locking mechanism to eliminate simultaneous read/write contention over database-links between data mart nodes.
  • Led effort to replace obsolete, XML-based data model across entire pathway. Designed and developed method for standardizing dozens of external sources into a single, simplified JSON model.
  • Led simultaneous migration of three components running Oracle V2 Exadata to X5 units. Championed exhaustive stress-testing of new machines, uncovering faulty configuration of one intended for production environment. Coordinated efforts among developers, testers, DBAs, internal customers, and management.
Software Engineer
Thomson Reuters
February 2007 - November 2013

Responsible for development, unit tests, and contributing to design and reviews.

  • Designed, developed, and provided estimates for several “authority” Oracle databases, with DAOs in Spring JDBC, and Hibernate. Java API, and occasional front-end development.
  • Created "brown-bag" educational sessions to offer new developers a primer in basic database concepts.
Developer I
June 2005 - February 2007

Responsible for development, and unit tests on assigned tasks.

  • Development with emphasis in Oracle SQL, and PL/SQL.
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